Hello. Thank you for taking the time to check out my online store. If we haven’t met before, my name is Gerald but my friends call me Geordie. I’m a professional photographer currently in Edmonton, Canada.

I specialize in landscapes, architecture (street shots and real estate), portraits (adults and kids), long exposure and corporate/community events. I’m open to any new projects involving videography, photography and/or editing, and am available for bookings. 

I make high-quality prints (my favourite is the 18×24″) which are the perfect decor option for any home or business. You will get them rolled up, I do recommend picking up a frame to put them in but it’s not necessary because the durable paper they’re made with makes it easy to tack them up on any surface on-the-go. The vibrant inks really pop, making them attractive from a distance.

Choosing from so many photographs can be tough! I get that. I made different themed Wall Calendars with thirteen different prints inside just for that reason. They are sized 8.5×11″ (the size of a standard piece of paper) and made with the same quality materials as my prints.

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